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Authentic Animal

I believe that growth is beautiful, and admiring the genius of someone we care about is critical,  but perhaps it is ok to let them shine in their glory, the way they were designed to be. And before we try on the life of another, lets get really sure about who we actually are. What are your core values? What standards do you run your life by? What do you need in your environment to operate at your best? What purpose are you adding this trait to your life, and is it congruent with how you want your life to be?

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Zouk Me Please

I began to watch my body go through the growing pains of learning a new movement, head movement challenged my pre-existing views of my body’s abilities, and I watched it find ways to guard. But as I have healed, and had experiences with kind, patient leads, I can actively feel the flower petals open that make up my chest and shoulder. Breath is coming into those stuck places, and it feels so damn good! 

Photo by the amazing Shannon Butler, Dancer Joe Ferreira

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