The Megan Grace MVMT

Megan Grace

Somatic Coach &

Massage Therapist


Megan Grace, BA Psychology & LMT #25083,  is a Somatic Coach and Massage Therapist committed to helping you heal through a personalized blend of massage and movement practices.

Who Megan is

A highly-sensitive person, Megan has always felt the world in a deep and profound way that allows her to connect with people instantly and intuitively.  

She’s also keenly aware of all that it takes to heal. After several years of experiencing compound trauma and a car accident that resulted in Post-Concussive Syndrome, Megan embarked on her own journey to recovery.

Where conventional methods fell short, she learned the power of alternative medicine, movement-based modalities (more specifically dancing Brazilian Zouk and somatics), and getting off the “busy bandwagon” prevalent in our western world. Her need to change life course lead her to East West College of the Healing Arts to study massage therapy and manual body work culminating in earning her Oregon LMT License. She uses both her degree from Seattle Pacific University and her education from East West to inform how she cares for her clients.

While in school Megan became decimated

Megan believes that optimal well-being can be achieved by anyone willing to  listen to their bodies and discover ways to play in everyday life.

Megan loves to travel, and her passport is never far from reach. Spending time in Iceland, the Netherlands, South America, Belgium, the Yukon Territory, Spain, Mexico, Toronto, Alaska and various places around the US have fueled her adventurous heart and led to life-changing experiences with diverse friends. Her hope is to bring that adventure and zest for life to her clients.