What to wear

The work we do is fully clothed, so I recommend wearing something that is easy to move in, sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings, short sleeved or sleeveless shirt- ideally not shorts or skirts because many of the techniques are best performed over clothing. I also recommend wearing layers, massage can lower body temperature ( totally normal experience) so when you leave the session something sweet and warm to wear can feel ah-mazing. This process is all about treating your body as kindly as possible, so dress accordingly.

What to expect

So excited to get this party started with you!

So excited to get this party started with you!

Our first session will have time for an intake, filling out some paperwork and to set goals for your body and life situation. This step allows me to see where you have been in your story and where you would like to get to. Then we will finish with a massage.

The next session we are able to dive in, and check in about how the week has been and what your body is asking for in the moment. If we are doing coaching together we will work through homework that was given, celebrate victories, and get some new eyes on challenges that came up during the week ( this my dear is the good stuff). Each session will have an element of movement, to engage the body, and massage to relax the nervous system after your hard work. Mind, body, and real life is what we aim to care for.

I set my appointments for a min of 1 1/2 hour so that you as the client can have time to settle into the room, to be present in the treatment and to carve out intentional time for you. Where else in your world are you getting undivided attention? Where else in your life are you offered time to move at your own pace, and not be rushed? If it takes you more then a few seconds to answer, then the Megan Grace MVMT is designed with you in mind.

If you have felt uncomfortable with receiving body work because of past physical trauma- I hear you, I see you, and we will move through each step in a way that gives you 1000% voice in the process. My great delight is to help unwind traumatic memories and body sensations in a way that allows you to feel congruent and safe in your body. My ear and heart are open to listen.

Next steps

Just one step at a time, I got you!

Just one step at a time, I got you!


I believe finding a health or wellness ally professional is almost like dating, it has to be a right fit for the work to be the most potent and effective. If you are new to body work, or coaching there can be some uncertainty, and that is totally ok when you are starting something new, especially something that feels perhaps vulnerable. For that reason I suggest the following steps

  1. Check out my website and familiarize yourself with the offerings

  2. Schedule a consult or first appointment

  3. Try the process on for a minimum of 4 sessions- this gives your body and mind a chance to absorb the work we are doing and to form a bit of therapeutic trust.

  4. At that time we can chat about how you are feeling, and your future needs.